Are you managing a hairstyle-salon and are you already fascinated by the KryoHairStyle®-Cryotechnology?

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Salon promotes salon

Are you an authorized KryoHairStyle® hairstyle-salon owner and did you already bring happiness to many customers with our innovative method? Then let your industry colleagues join the success and promote another salon! You can only benefit.

Recruit a new hairstyle-salon for KryoHairStyle® and profit!

Alongside the great result that thrill your customers, you can also convince your hairstyle-colleagues:If they employ the professional KryoHairStyle®-Application in their salons, an increase in sales is guaranteed! Because more and more customers are looking for KryoHairStyle®-Salons, offering the renowned KryoHairStyle®-Method. The newly recruited salon can only profit – as do you! Since we like to reward you well for a successful promotion.

Your bonus: Products for 200 treatments, for FREE

Inspire your industry-colleagues to use the unique KryoHairStyle®-Concept and get rewarded richly: We will give you products for 200 treatments for FREE, for every successful recommendation!