How does the cryotechnology from KryoHairStyle® work?

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Cold treatments in form of the so called Cryo(Cold)-Application are featured in many treatment methods in the area of aesthetics and healthcare. Its effect is thoroughly researched and scientifically approved. EVER SINCE 2013 THE CRYO(COLD)TECHNOLOGY IS ALSO USED VERY SUCCESSFULLY FOR HAIR!

The fascinating functionality

A special cooling-plate, which will cool down to a temperature of -15°C and cause a complete sealing of the cuticle of every single hair. Very naturally and in a very short time. The results are gorgeous, naturally shiny and smooth hair. Dedicatedly developed and individually attuned for your hair active ingredients and nutrients are additionally encased in your hair, giving extra care and causing a long-lasting effect. Therefore the hair is revitalized and rebuild inside and out – made to be seen! You will be amazed!

Perfect for chemically treated hair

No matter if you have dyed or otherwise chemically treated your hair – it is definitively recommended to use a KryoHairStyle®-Cryotherapy, to make stressed and dull hair resistant, shiny and smooth again. Additionally, colour pigments, which will dissolve and fade over time, will last longer thanks to the Ice-Hair sealing. It will immensely reduce any chemical damage done to your hair!