KryoHairStyle® – the ground breaking cryotechnology for stunningly beautiful and healthy hair!

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Welcome to KryoHairStyle®! Discover our unique method, that will make your hair dazzlingly beautiful, thanks to our professional and innovative High-tech Cryo(=Cold) treatment. Instant natural gloss, sleekness and a fresh look for your hair!


Sensational results with KryoHairStyle®

You want natural glossy and sleek hair? The sensational KyroHairStyle-Cryotechnology will make your wish come true – in a very natural way! Using cold in the form of cryotherapy is a very successful and medically, as well as cosmetically approved method. EVER SINCE 2013 THIS METHOD IS ALSO APPLIED DEDICATED TO HAIR.

KryoHairStyle® – THE PROFESSIONAL ICE- HAIR SEALING with CRYO(COLD)TECHNOLOGY is the result of extensive research and development in this field and has ever since achieved huge success in several hairstyle salons all over Europe.

Your authorized hairstyle salon will offer you the KryoHairStyle®-Method

You have strong, thick hair and wish for more smoothness? Or do you suffer from having low volume and shine? Maybe your hair are dry and stressed from dyeing them too many times? The KryoHairStyle®-Treatment is suitable for every type of hair. Employing a special cooling-plate will completely close and therefore seal your hair cuticle with the low temperature of -15°C. As a result, immediately after your first session, your hair is back to looking smooth and naturally glossy. An individual hair mask, which will get applied to your hair before the ice- hair sealing, will get sealed into your hair and extends its care: Your hair gets fully reconstructed inside and out. An additional advantage: Dyeing and tinting will last longer now!

You will be amazed immediately after your first KryoHairStyle®-Treatment!

Certainly you have heard of the conventional hair sealing by means of high heat and/or chemical solutions. These might achieve an immediate optical improvement – long-term however this will stress your hair and might damage them irreparably.

Instead, with only 30 minutes of KryoHairStyle®-Treatment, your hair will be protected and strengthened in a natural way! The wonderful result is naturally shiny, smooth and resistant hair – for 14 whole days! Since cold is better than hot. Through our store finder you can convince yourself by finding an authorized KryoHairStyle®- or Criokure- salon nearby.


KryoHairStyle® is NO TREND, BUT THE BASE for permanently healthy and gorgeous hair!

We don’t set a fast-paced trend with KyroHairStyle. We create the base for long-lasting, shiny and beautiful hair. By now, countless of our happy and satisfied customers swear on a regular KryoHairStyle®-Treatment. A KryoHairStyle®-CRYOTHERAPY lasts for or keeps the effect for up to 5 washings. We recommend you to start with a “hair-therapy” for 2 weeks, 6 times in a row, so that your hair can fully regenerate and build up sustenance. Afterwards it is sufficient enough to continually refresh with 1 cryotherapy every 8-12 weeks.

Stunningly beautiful hair, for you too! The KryoHairStyle®-Cryotechnology makes it possible! Ask your authorized hairstylist near by!