KryoHairStyle®-Cryotherapy guarantees permanent protection for your hair. See for yourself!

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Hair protection

Healthy hair is glossy, strong, smooth, voluminous and has natural energy and movement – simply put, healthy hair looks healthy and beautiful! By continually stressing the hair through dyeing or heating, it can take damage and lose its natural beauty over time. You can reinvigorate your hair with KryoHairStyle® – the professional Ice-Hair sealing-technology – and that permanently. Simply look for an authorized hairstyle-salon near you!

Here you can find your authorized hairstyle-salon in your area:

Highly effective and professional

Do you want to know the fantastic feeling of smooth and natural shiny hair, giving your hair a fresh new feeling even? Then experience the highly effective and natural KryoHairStyle®- Ice-hair sealing in one of your authorized salons. You will be amazed! The treatment gives protection and care to your hair, visually and sensibly. Every single hair will be sealed via a special cooling-plate and a temperature of -15° Celsius, closing your hair cuticle. Active substances and moisture are encased in your hair and won’t escape any more. The results are healthy, sleek, protected and shining beautiful hair.

Natural and gentle – for ever type of hair!

The first treatment with KryoHairStyle®-Cryotechnology will already bring the best out of every type of hair! No matter if you have a thick or thin hair structure, curly or straight hair, stressed or dyed hair – KryoHairStyle® will make them marvellous again! … You will definitively benefit from the KryoHairStyle®-Treatment. After the special Ice-hair sealing, your hair will be immediately gorgeous again and completely protected from heat, the sun, ultraviolet rays, chlorine, salt water and any and all environmental influences.

See for yourself – the before/after comparison will baffle you!